Dartmoor Bushcraft

Join us in beautiful Gidleigh Woods on North Dartmoor to learn outdoor skills that will stay with you for life …

Learn Bushcraft in Devon

Based near Okehampton, on the northern edge of Dartmoor, we offer one-day or overnight bushcraft courses. Learn survival skills from our instructors – no experience or equipment required, just arrive dressed for the weather and let us do the rest.

Dartmoor Bushcraft instructors are very experienced, DBS checked and fully insured.

The Dartmoor Bushcraft Story

Going Bush …

Dartmoor Bushcraft is a two-man team – Matt and Barry. We started ‘going bush’ as we call it about 15 years ago. We had almost nothing in the way of kit, and less skills, but we got ourselves on an overnight basic bushcraft course and went from there. Early on we’d set about making a shelter from natural resources and try to sleep in it, with varied success!

We graduated to hammocks and tarps, eventually upgrading to posh hammocks with bug nets! We practised our skills, got better at making and sustaining fires, learned some knots, improved our outdoor cooking until it became a major feature of our camps, with some competition in providing the best meal.

We kept going and improving, we picked up tips form YouTube and from TV (more Ray Mears than Bear Grylls) and continued to upskill and get better kit.

Sharing the Adventure …

We’ve come a long way but still the kit is fairly minimal – you don’t need tons of fancy kit to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors.

We have been on instructors courses, bought the kit for students and now we’d like to pass some of our experience on to others and show them how easy and relatively cheap it is to put a bushcraft adventure in their future.

The benefits of the outdoors cannot be overstated, it is well known to provide a boost to mental health. The quiet, clean environment is a truly massive boost to frequently overworked minds and bodies. The forest resets you, ready to go again.