Introduction to Bushcraft Course


A day-long introduction to bushcraft, including knife usage, game preparation, water sourcing, camp craft, natural cordage and fire making. Learn new skills on a thoroughly enjoyable day out with your family or a group of friends.

The day-long Introduction to Bushcraft course runs from 9am till 4pm at our main location in Gidleigh Woods, Dartmoor, Devon.

During the day we will cover knife usage and the law around carrying a knife, game preparation (including Wood Pigeon for lunch), water sourcing and purification, camp craft (including setting a fire), making pot hangers, natural cordage and fire craft (including fire by friction and other methods). Deep in the forest in Dartmoor National Park is an amazing place to be and to experience the skill of bushcrafting.

This is a very hands on course and a very enjoyable one! You will leave with new skills, new knowledge and a great satisfaction of having made fire the way our ancestors once did.

It’s a perfect day out with family or friends, to experience something special and well remembered. Food and drinks are provided, just come dressed for the outdoors and we’ll do the rest..

To maximise learning this course is limited to 8 people per course.

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